Zit Free For Christmas


Image result for Zit Free For Christmas“Don’t eat chocolate!”
“It’s all that sugar you eat…”
“If you would cut back on all that fried, greasy food…”
Who hasn’t heard these comments, among many others, from well-meaning people during a breakout of acne, The most universal one, “Wash your face!” is actually the most frequently heard, and definitely the most common-sense approach for acne home treatment. Washing the face, and other affected areas (such as chest, upper arms and back) gently, several times a day, definitely helps to reduce the breakouts adolescents, and others, dread. Especially with all the partying that’s coming up, you want to do all you can to stop any zits breaking out!
Since zits are caused by overly productive oil glands, you should absolutely not apply even more oil to your skin – and you will find this in oil-based skin care products such as makeup and creams. Instead when using acne home treatments, apply only water based products to the affected areas. Acne home treatments does not need to exclude the use of over the counter acne treatments that contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil. However, there are those that prefer to use an acne home treatment system which does not rely on treatments containing chemicals, but rather more natural solutions to the acne outbreak problem.
Since your zits do not begin on top of the skin but instead, from inside your body, one of the first acne home treatments should be to drink a good amount of water to aid in flushing out impurities and toxins from the system. A regular diet containing many fruits and vegetables also aid in an acne home treatment. Processed foods should, if at all possible, be avoided, and more organic fruits and vegetable should be consumed. Many times, an outbreak of acne is a signal that the body is allergic to something that has been ingested, at which time a visit to an allergist is called for to have a blood test to find the reason behind the food allergy.


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