Travel India – A Multihued Land


Image result for Travel India - A Multihued LandIndia Tour packages take you to a land that presents several facets of unity in diversity. This country has been attracting numerous travelers from across the globe and it has been intriguing people within India and abroad. This diverse land has a lot to offer to all the tourists. You can enjoy the lore of the glorious land of Rajasthan, landscapes of the enchanting land of Kerala, serenity of the undulating hills of Himachal, ruggedness of the terrains of Leh & Ladakh, vividness of the culture of northeast and richness of the heritage of North India. This wonderful country brings utter magnificence to each ‘India Tour’.
An India Tour is the amalgamation of contemporary and the old that makes this land an open air ‘state of the art’ facility proffering myriad colors to all the travelers. From North to South India, visitors come across fascinating diversities in languages, appearances, dressing style, infrastructure and way of living of its inhabitants, but one thing that runs common in this country is its purity and spiritual aura that makes this land very special. Its rich heritage and authentic culture has been popular amongst many westerners and people living in metropolitans, who want to get away from the usual flurry of their lives.
India Holiday packages present to the travelers, the land of Rajasthan, where one would mesmerize in the setting sun over the golden deserts embellished with the state’s colorful culture and people. This majestic land is all about forts, palaces, Kings, Queens, deserts, camels, villages and its interesting people. Towards the South, India tours bring the entrancing land of Kerala that still maintains its old world charm and has the most bewitching landscapes including Kerala backwaters that drift every traveler to a state of serenity and awe upon the beauty of the place.
One of the most famous tours in India is the Golden Triangle tour that brings together the modern and the bygone era, summarizing the long lived history of the wonderful land of India. This tour takes you to the heritage buildings and famous destinations of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. The Vital vein of this wonderful tour is a visit to the ‘Taj Mahal’, an apostle of love and passion.
Other famous tourist destinations in India are Leh & Ladakh, Kashmir, Rajasthan, North-East India, Southern India, Goa and Mumbai. Of these, Goa is the most happening destination that is spanned by a number of fun lovers. This Coastal state has wonderful beaches where one can see an array of hangout joints and handicraft markets. This place has been long famous amongst foreigners who love to take that sunbath tan back home. Leh & Ladakh are particularly favored by adventure and sports lover. This part of the country is famous for trekking, hiking, river rafting and much more. A journey to the wonderful land of India does not just ends here, as it presents the hues of adventure, spirituality, glory, serenity and most of all a sense of contentment to all the travelers.


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