Tips in Finding An Affordable Home in Fidi

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Fidi or Financial District has a lot to offer – a community where jobs are available, nightlife, and endless entertainment. With this busy community comes the difficulty of finding an affordable home – especially for those who are looking for a place to lease. If you are looking for some Fidi apartments for rent, you should know some insider tips to get a place in no time.

If you are going to work with a broker, make sure that you are working a good broker. Beware of scams and lying brokers that will show you some pictures of an apartment or a room, get your money then disappear. Ask a friend to recommend a broker they have used, that is your best bet.

Once you have picked a broker, make a fee agreement. Some brokers will charge you and your landlord and get away with it when in fact your landlord’s payment must have offset the fee that you need to pay.

When negotiating, do a background check about the apartment or room. How long has it been in the market? Check for possible issues such as access issues, noise in the neighborhood, distance from the subway and so on. Once you identify potential reasons why it has been on the market for a period, you can start negotiating. Also, you can negotiate for free pool access or free gym access if these amenities are available.

While looking for an apartment in Fidi, prepare your bank account statement. If you think it is not enough to satisfy a potential landlord, make sure to have a backup plan like a guarantor that is willing to back you up. A sponsor insurance company will also do.

If you are looking for fidi apartments for rent, chances are you found a work in the big city. Before signing a lease, do a late-night check on the apartment you are eyeing. You wouldn’t want to get surprised by some noisy neighbors at night and go work in the morning with eye bugs!

Speaking of bugs, make a written disclosure that there is no bed bug in your apartment because you know, bed bugs can be a pain!


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