The Important Aspects of Heart Disease


Image result for Heart DiseaseLet me first enlighten you on some important aspects of heart disease. Firstly, you must know that heart disease kills most number of people in America; it is the killer number one. Second crucial point: if you have three factors in your body, you might be prone to having heart attack. The other fact is that symptoms of heart attack differ in men and women. I shall explain all this in detail so that it will benefit you or any of your loved one to take necessary action for preventing a heart attack.
Three major demons that can cause heart disease are diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. They are the real risk factors you must be aware of. Though there are other causes as well that may be beyond your control like your genes. People with a family history of heart diseases are at a greater risk. At the same time you can make efforts to reduce risks due to family predisposition. For instance, you can control your diet or your exercise regimen. Also you make your own lifestyle choices. Smoking and excessive drinking also put you in a danger zone where heart diseases are concerned.
You must try and keep your blood pressure at 130/80 or less than that. In case you suffer from diabetes or you have a kidney disease ensure that your blood pressure does not exceed 140/90. As for your cholesterol levels, try and reduce your bad cholesterol called LDL and work towards increasing levels of your good cholesterol termed as HDL. With a proper exercise and diet regimen it will be possible for you to control your cholesterol. Or in case your case is severe, your doctor might put you on medicines. In case you do not have a history of diabetes, you must still be aware of the various symptoms related to it. Unfortunately many people in the United States without a family history are getting affected by diabetes due to lack of exercise and inappropriate diet.
There is good documentation of symptoms of heart attack for men and for a pretty long time the assumption was that the symptoms were similar in both men and women. With advancement of medical science it has been proved that the symptoms of heart disease in women are not the same as in men. In men, symptoms include severe pain in chest – a feeling like somebody is standing on the chest or discomfort in neck, chest, upper back combined with fatigue and shortness of breath. At times these symptoms come with emotional or stressful experience or too much physical activity. In case of women some symptoms are dizziness, feeling of burning in chest or stomach, cold sweats, nausea, irregular heartbeat and some male-related symptoms like pain in both arms, shortness of breath or chest pain.
Women might report few of these symptoms even a month before actually the heart attack happens. Normally when men reach 50, doctors begin to look for symptoms of heart attack. Typically women do not have heart attack till they reach 60 years of age unless may be they have a family background of heart related diseases in which case it has to be dealt with from patient to patient. The most important thing in everybody’s control for preventing heart disease is to have a proper balanced diet, a good effective exercise regimen and stay away from excessive drinking and smoking.


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