Selling WordPress Themes


Image result for Selling WordPress ThemesDo you design your own WordPress themes, You could be making money by selling your themes online to other WordPress users. Take a few minutes to read this article and learn more about how you can market and sell your own themes.
First of all, you need to have a quality product. WordPress users will not buy your theme if they do not recognize quality. This means your design should be clean and neutral enough to correspond to the needs of many users. You could also start designing themes upon request if you find that users want something unique. When you design a theme, make sure you include your name and a link to your site at the bottom of your design. This is probably the best way to become a famous WordPress designer and to attract more users to your site after they see the kind of design you can do.
You should have a good website to present your themes. Create a gallery that is easy to browse, and make sure people can easily buy your themes. Most WordPress users will be ready to buy themes from you if they can use a secure payment method and have access to their theme right away. Write about your work as a designer and explain how you create your themes. You should also consider creating a WordPress blog yourself: you will be able to interact with other users and become famous within this community. This is a good way to get closer to your target audience.
Find out more about Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the best way to get your site to rank higher in search results. You need to find out what kind of keywords your target audience is looking for. Include this keyword in your titles, links and contents. There are many other SEO techniques you should use: organize your site so that it is easy to navigate and create internal links from one page to the other to help your visitors find what they are looking for. You should also look for backlinks: get other webmasters to link to your site. Adding a link at the bottom of your design is a good way to build a huge network of backlinks from every WordPress site that uses your design.
Give people a reason to come to your site. You should offer more than WordPress themes for sale. For instance, you could have articles and videos explaining how to use the WordPress plug-in. Stay in touch with your target audience by sending out a newsletter about WordPress and by creating social media profiles. You can also create an online community for WordPress users to share tips with each other. Use this network to share quality content about using WordPress and to advertize your themes. Make sure you release new themes on a regular basis to keep people interested in your activities.
Selling your WordPress themes online should be a good business venture if you are talented and can create original themes. Do some research about your target audience so you know what kind of themes they want and how to market these themes to them.


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