Samsung May Insert an Optical Zoom Camera into the S Pen Stylus, Patent Hints

Samsung May Add an Optical Zoom Camera to the S Pen Stylus, Patent Hints

Smartphone makers are experimenting with thoughts like pop up cameras and hole-punch screens to get rid of the notch, but Samsung has quite a distinctive idea to accomplish the feat. As per a patent granted to Samsung, the organization is seeking to incorporate a camera into the stylus which may eventually debut to a future version of the S Pen. Even more impressive is the fact that the camera fitted inside the stylus will possess optical zoom components for a more exceptional magnification compared to digital zoom.

Spotted by the people over at Patently Mobile, the patent granted to Samsung by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is titled”Electronic pen device having optical zoom” and talks about a stylus that comes armed with an optical system that comprises of a lens and an image detector. In accordance with the patent document, the camera-toting S Pen would come with a controller board designed to operate in tandem with an electronic device which may be a smartphone and also features a communication module.

The stylus will be capable of sending the imaging signals or data to the connected apparatus via a wire in addition to wirelessly, maybe through Bluetooth. The S Pen that comes with Samsung’s latest Notice flagship – the Galaxy Notice 9 — already has Bluetooth support. So, the camera-equipped stylus explained in the patent could just be an evolutionary form that builds on the wireless connectivity support of its predecessor and uses it to send imaging information recorded from the onboard camera. Even the stylus would also contain a controller key within the home or the cover that could be used to control the magnitude of optical zoom.

What’s truly impressive is that Samsung’s camera-laden S Pen will have support for optical zoom that the mechanism is going to be controlled through an external electronic device which might be a smartphone, notebook or a monitor. Samsung explains in the patent that smartphones normally employ digital zoom, but in the process of expanding an image by means of a program or algorithm, the overall quality of the images takes a hit. Optical zoom employs an array of lenses, and because a stylus would provide more room to match such a module, it is better suited to an external device as opposed to a smartphone that does not provide enough space and might need to increase its thickness for adapting the optical zoom hardware.

As per the patent, the Samsung’s innovative stylus will also include a battery and a prism from the optical path for conversion of signs. The technology of equipping the stylus using a camera remains in the patent phase, so it might still be a few years away before we see an S Pen with optical zoom-enabled camera arrive with a Galaxy Notice flagship. As with most patents, it’s unsure whether the technology will make its way to commercial products. Nonetheless, it would nevertheless be a significant breakthrough and will present another method of avoiding the notch or a hole-punch and help develop a truly seamless display.


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