Practicing Good Manners at the Golf Course

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Golf brings together people of all ages and abilities to play and socialize together. Business partners build trust on the green. Old friends catch up on the news at the clubhouse snack bar. Couples bond while confronting sand traps.

Practicing good manners on the golf course will cultivate goodwill with fellow players. A major aspect of courtesy in golf revolves around keeping the course playing on schedule. Keep these tips in mind while you book tee times in Pensacola.

Respect the Tee Time

Tee times organize the pacing of golf course play. Once you have made your reservation, make every effort to have your group at the tee and hitting the first shot at that time. Therefore, you will want to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the tee time to allow for the check in process. Your group members also need adequate time to use the bathroom, change clothes and arrange gear. Build in even more time if you like to get practice shots beforehand at the driving range or putting green.

Control Course Pacing

When you check in for your tee time, ask the staff person if there are groups playing behind you. Get an estimate of how much time the course expects each group to play at each hole. Sometimes, course scorecards will provide this information beneath each hole. Monitor your group’s time at each hole to try to stay within the expected pacing.

Know your maximum yardage on drives. If you arrive at the tee box and see a group on the green ahead of you, go ahead and tee off if you cannot reach the green with your maximum drive. Many players use a safety pad of 50 yards; if the hole is more than 50 yards beyond their maximum drive, they will proceed with the first shot.

If a shot goes out of bounds, players have three minutes to look for the ball under United States Golf Association rules. Consider limiting your search time even more if the chances of finding your ball seem slim. Take the penalty stroke for the sake of pacing.

Socialize Within Reason

If a group has reached the tee behind you, your long story may need to wait for the next hole. Keep cell phone use to a minimum. Save lessons and playing tips for the end of the round, after you have stepped away from the last hole.

Honor your tee time. Arrive at the course early to ensure punctuality. While on the course, keep the game moving. You will earn the respect of other players on the course.


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