Netflix Redesigns TV App Interface With New Navigation Menu on the Left

8 optimize (1) NetflixThe new changes are aimed to make discovery and navigation of material easier and the overall look cleaner. The company notes that the new interface is based on”rigorous research and testing about how we can make it less difficult to locate titles on TVs, where navigation may sense a bit tougher when you’re limited to just a few buttons on a remote control”.
Netflix has begun rolling out the update for all members worldwide, but this rollout could possibly be in waves. Expect to wait for a bit before you’re able to see the brand new side navigation panel for easier content detection. This navigation panel was first placed over the main carousel hidden from plain sight, but it has been changed to the left side of the screen. Also, it didn’t have distinct sections for series and movies, like this brand new one.

In any case, Netflix notes that the new design makes it easier to search manually, and see new content. The navigation menu has different sections such as Home, Series, Movies, My List and New. There is also a Search option that lets you manually hunt, and series and movies sections letS you narrow down your search according to your preference at that moment. My List choice takes you directly to your curated list, and the New section enables you to see all of the content that has lately been added to the platform. At the peak of the navigation panel, is also your account information, and it also has the capacity to let you switch profiles easily.

“First, it’s now easier to search and view new content added to this ceremony. It’s also far simpler to start surfing with either a series or movie; our studies have shown us that although a member generally is not sure what exact title they wish to watch, they have a fairly good sense of whether they’re in the mood to get a fast series installment or a longer movie experience. We have also made it a lot easier to access titles you’ve stored for later viewing in My List. In our testing of the new interface, we found that this simpler design helped members find something great to see,” the company describes on its site .

Netflix also hints that new features are arriving in the next few months for most of its members, but refrains from detailing them. Also, the company has given little clarity on rollout deadline or apparatus priority. Are you seeing the brand new Netflix design on your TV? Let us know in the comments below.


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