Netflix, Not Marvel, Responsible for Daredevil Cancellation, States Star Amy Rutberg

Netflix, Not Marvel, Responsible for Daredevil Cancellation, Says Star Amy Rutberg

Daredevil star Amy Rutberg, who played Attorney Marci Stahl and Foggy Nelson’s girlfriend on the Show, has claimed that Netflix was entirely responsible for the show’s cancellation, and Everybody Else at Marvel Television was taken aback by the announcement.

“My connections at Marvel were rather surprised. Any of those rumours that it was a Marvel decision are incorrect, I think that it was only a Netflix decision,” Rutberg told Inverse on the telephone in an interview. They were amazed.”

Sam Ernst, a writer and co-executive manufacturer on Daredevil, had voiced similar concerns in a tweetlast month, noting Marvel executives were”as impressed as we were”.

Daredevil’s cancellation may not have been such a surprise for viewers and fans, given it was the third Marvel-Netflix show to go down the route in less than two months. Iron Fist was the first to be shelved in mid-October, followed by Luke Cage a week afterwards. Rutberg explained that the Daredevil group was already preparing for season 4 when word broke.

“We’d heard rumours we would start production as early as February 2019,” she added. “It’s somewhat unusual to be that far ahead in the preparation and cancel the series, making me think Netflix was labouring over whether to cancel it. My guess was it was not a simple choice.”

Fans have been expecting that Marvel will reestablish the shows on Disney+, its parent firm’s forthcoming streaming service slated for a US launch in late 2019. Netflix and Marvel’s statements have hinted that the characters might still have a future everywhere, but it appears highly improbable that the Disney would deliver bloody, mature entertainment to its platform.

Even though that were somehow to happen, it might take a couple years due to this contract between Netflix and Marvel Television.

“There’s this very real contract with Netflix,” Rutberg said. “I had discovered 18 months, maybe it’s just two years. I guess it is possible that Marvel could buy them but I have not heard so much as a whisper.”


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