Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says Privacy Is an Individual Right


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says Privacy Is a Human RightMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella has called on technology companies to Shield users’ privacy as an Individual right, urging firms and governments to Jointly work together to Shield the most vulnerable Part in society.

Speaking in an event”Future Decoded” on Thursday, Nadella applauded the European Union’s General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) as initial step towards securing data privacy, The Register reported.

“We all will need to think about the electronic experiences we make to deal with privacy as a human right,” Nadella was quoted as saying.

“GDPR for a piece of legislation, a piece of law is a superb start and we have done a great deal of hard work to become compliant with GDPR,” Nadella additional, including that the firms will need to create ethical standards around Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Nadella said that 54 Azure Cloud regions worldwide is”more than any other supplier”.

According to him, underwater data centres will play an integral role in expanding Microsoft’s Cloud computing system.

Under its”Project Natick”, Microsoft has already deployed a 40-foot data centre pod on the seafloor off the coast of Scotland.

“Since 50 percent of the planet’s population lives close to water bodies, we believe this is the way we would like to consider future data center expansion,” Nadella said.

Microsoft also unveiled an AI report titled”Maximising the AI Opportunity” for companies.

The company announced at the event that the healthcare bureau NHS Scotland will set up Office 365 to all its 161,000 employees, moving from a complicated organisation that comprised more than 100 separate computer systems.

Microsoft also formed a strategic partnership with Centrica, the British services and energy company behind brands such as British Gas, Dyno and Direct Energy.

Centrica plans to transform field operations by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Artificial Intelligence, supplying workers with real time and actionable insight so they can enhance client support.


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