How to Reconnect with Your Spouse After Kids


Image result for How to Reconnect with Your Spouse After KidsBabies are difficult on a relationship—no lie. In your daydreams, you and your sweetheart probably pictured perfection, with both of you uniting to win parenthood battles with moxie, zeal, passion, and love. However, when you’re overtired, over-worked, and simply irritated from lack of sleep and parenthood stress, it can be easy to let your love, romance, and connection fizzle.

Luckily, you can get all of those elements back with a reconnect with your honey after kids. Here are some ways to keep your love alive while equally being awesome parents to your babes.

Divvy up Household and Parenting Duties

Divvy up those household chores and parenthood duties. For instance, while you change a diaper, ask your beloved to take out the trash. Or, while you tidy up the kitchen, ask your sweetheart to give your babe a bath. It was a two-person job to make this family; ergo, upkeep is a two-person job.

Cuddles, Hugs, Kisses, Hand Holds—Every Little Show of Affection Makes a Big Difference in Rekindling Your Love Connection

Babies take their tolls on your hygiene in the beginning—no doubt. However, despite your morning breaths and stinky pits, you should absolutely hug, kiss, cuddle, and find every opportunity to let your honey know that you love them. Affection, even the tiniest bit throughout the day, can make a big impact on the reconnect of your romance. You could even do something fun and quirky together, like a love tarot card reading or psychic tell-all of your future together.

Unwind with Each Other at the End of the Day, if Only for Half an Hour

Watch a television show together, make love, cuddle and talk, munch on ice cream and giggle—do the things that you both loved to do before kids came into the picture. Unwinding at the end of a day is important, but even moreso when you’re with your love.

Now that you know some ways to reconnect, and really never lose, that spark of love that you have for your honey here’s another piece of advice: never, ever skimp on date nights. Get a sitter for one night a month and go out to have fun with your sweetie.


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