How to Make a WordPress Blog for Max Conversions


Image result for Make a WordPress BlogWordPress is the all the rage in the internet world today and for good reason. Nothing out there comes close to WordPress in terms of the look, feel and application especially when you’re trying to monetize your site. This article will provide an overview of how to make your WordPress blog so its customer friendly and converts viewers into buyers.
Once your site is hosted and ready for content the first thing you need to do I build five or six tabs that will be seen by all who visit. The tabs should be labeled: Welcome, Blog (leave this page blank), A page focused on the features and benefits of your product or service, FAQs and an About Me page. These are the only pages that are always visible to your customers. Getting good quality content on these five pages may take a week to ten days. Don’t be in too much of a rush when you write because good content is key. That said, you can always go back in and edit anything. Once the core of your site’s content is up it’s time to start building out the site.
You will need to build the site out using two techniques that WordPress is perfectly designed for. First, you need to build a blog page. This is essentially a page just like the others except you will mark this one to not be visible as a tab. The subject of this page needs to be something relevant to what to your selling. For example if you’re selling a dog training ebook, your blog page could be a write-up of the sporting class of dogs. You may be wondering how anyone will find this hidden page. That’s where article marketing comes in. For every hidden page you put up, you will need at least 2 articles targeting the content of the blog page. Just remember, your article and blog page must be relevant to one another.
Once your blog page is up, now it’s time to get a blog post up. This is typically just a half page long and to the point. Following the example above, if your blog page is about the Sporting Class of dogs, maybe your post could about a newly crowned sporting class champion. Touch on the training and care it takes to build a champion like this. Then, as with your blog page, you will need at least two articles linking to your blog post on the Sporting Class Champion.
You will want to generate a least one blog page, one blog post and two articles relevant for each per week. Within a few weeks your blog will be many pages long and have dozens of relevant article linking to it. That’s how to make a WordPress blog for max conversion! Now keep in mind I have not touched on how to optimize all this with SEO. That’s another important aspect of this that can be done little by little. The heavy lifting is the building your site’s core content followed by the continual addition of blog pages and posts supported by lots of linked relevant articles.

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