How to Add a Small Library and Reading Nook to Your Home


Do you read to relax, unwind, and soothe your nerves? Do you consider yourself a hardcore bookworm, with an abundance of novels stacked on nearly every surface of your home? Relocate these piles of books to a small library or reading nook within your home. Easy to create and fun to use, reading nooks are the new must-haves for home interior décor. And here’s how you can create your own.

Pick a Nook in Your Favorite Room of the House

Does your bedroom have a huge bay window that overlooks the outside world? Or, do you live in a high-rise apartment with views of the city and sunsets? Pick your favorite room in the house and make a nook there. Preferably next to a window for the beautiful aspects of nature, your small library should be somewhere you could see yourself sitting in comfort and reading for long periods of time.

Secure Bookshelves with Safety Screws

This is an especially important step if you have pets or children—secure your bookshelves with safety screws to protect yourself and your loved ones from toppled books and furniture. Or, you could rest your bookshelves vertically, on their sides, to create a safer, shorter stack of must-reads that stay snug against the walls.

Comfort is Key to a Great Reading Nook

Every reading nook is different, but all are comfortable to the bookworm that created it. Some people rely on classic furniture, like cushioned, oversized chairs and ottomans, or a cozy window seat that looks out into the streets. Whereas, other people are all about king-sized blankets, pillows, and cushions—spread in lines across the nook floor to create a comfy, cozy space of comfort. One where you could both take a nap and read an amazing book.

Hang a Curtain That Separates Your Nook from the Rest of the Room

To separate your reading nook from the rest of a room, hang a curtain or two that sections your small library. This is especially effective in small apartments. Get long connection rods, pick a pair of your favorite, colorful curtains, and hang them in a wall-style that protects your reading nook from others.

If a small reading space simply won’t contain your huge collection of books and must-reads, consider saving cash to hire a local remodeling contractor. You could add a library to your home, then have a whole area designated to your love of literature.


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