How to Add a Flash Header to Your WordPress Blog


Image result for Add a Flash HeaderIf you have a WordPress blog and are using one of the default themes or even one you have downloaded, you will notice the header is simply an image or just a colored box with your blog’s name in it. This is not real exciting for some so you really want to pizazz it up and give it some movement for your users to enjoy. So you decide to add a flash header to your blog. But you’re a designer not a coder, so how will you accomplish this task, Well, if that’s what you want to do without any complicated coding, simply follow the steps below:
1. First download the Kimili plug in. This is now a WordPress plug in so you could do a search for it from your WordPress blog admin panel.
2. Install the plug in: Just unzip the files to the wp-content -> plugin directory in the local copy of your blog then upload to where you’re hosting your blog.
3. Using your admin panel, activate the Kimili plug in.
4. Then go to wp-content -> themes and find your theme and in that folder you should be able to see a file called or a similar name depending on which theme you are using. Open this file with a text editor, like notepad for Windows or Text Wrangler for Mac, and scroll down a bit. You will come to a div named “header” as shown below:

” title=””>

The title and name of your blog is housed in this div but also there maybe an image pushed in the header by your theme’s CSS file but we’re not going to worry about that, just know that’s how a header image shows up on top of your blog page.

5. Then add one line of code to the file like this:

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”y” width=”x” /]

” title=””>

As you can see its only one line of code inserted just below the header div tag. Of course you would replace the “x” and “y” with the dimensions of your flash swf file’s length and width.

6. Upload this file to replace the original file.

That’s it.

Now its really important that your flash file has the same dimensions as the header image you maybe replacing. If not you’ll have to modify the CSS file that controls your theme’s style to change its dimensions. If your theme has several CSS styling files, then you must find the right one that controls the header style then modify it. Its probably best to stay away from that if you’re not familiar with CSS.

Don’t forget to upload your flash file to your blog site root directory!

And that should do it. Have fun.


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