Gout Treatment: Uricinex, Is It a Ray of Hope,


Image result for Gout TreatmentGout, at times known as podagra, is usually identified due to repeated attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis, which causes red, enlarged, swollen joint. The major cause of the disease is an abnormally elevated level of uric acid in the blood stream, a condition commonly known as hyperuricaemia. The most commonly affected area due to gout is the hallux or the big toe, as it may usually be called.
Several common treatments of Gout are listed below:
1. NSAIDs. NSAIDs are the first-line treatment usually used for Gout. For these to work, the recommended treatment is for one to two weeks and the improvement might take around 4 hours to take effect. However, this treatment may not be recommended for those with renal failure, heart failure or gastrointestinal bleeding.
2. Colchisine. An alternative to NSAIDs is Colchisine. However, its use is highly restricted due to a soaring number of side effects.
3. Steroids. Injecting these directly into the joints may lead to significant improvements.
4. Other medicines. Various other medicines may also be used for treatment of Gout.
There are a number of products already available that claims to be an effective cure for this illness. In this article, Uricinex will be tackled.
This treatment was instituted to be an effective treatment for the said inflammatory illness. Based wholly on the natural extracts, the pill claims to work wonders for gout patients. The first online distribution was by the Smith & Smith Enterprise in 1998. This was trademarked by Network Solutions LLC. Since then it has been sold under various different names.
How Uricinex Works,
This product claims to be a pill manufactured through extraction of various natural sources. Due to these natural traits, there are zero side effects reported. Gout is a result of the crystallization of excess uric acid within the joints. It works through converting them to water and give it a passage out of the body through urine. It claims to not affect the regular production of uric acid and therefore, that of kidneys and liver. It merely helps the body pass excess uric acid through the urinary tract.
Common Side Effects
Since the product is made out of natural herbs, there are not a lot of side effects reported. Various studies have been carried out, varying the dosage of the drug given every time, but they hardly resulted in any significant side effects.
The dosage would depend upon the seriousness of the disease and medical prescriptions.

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