Google Shortwave Leaked First Look Reveals AI-Powered Podcast Curations Based on User Preferences


Google Shortwave Leaked First Look Reveals AI-Powered Podcast Curations Based on User PreferencesNow, the company’s second try at an experimental podcast curation program, Google Shortwave was spotted late a month. A report has since surfaced that provides us the first look in the details of Google Shortwave, and it is a project being developed under Area 120, the tech giant’s workshop for Google’s range of experimental goods. The leaked Brand Statement suggests that Shortwave would focus on intelligently filtering podcasts and giving you ones that agree with your preferences the best.
Not just that, the Shortwave app would apparently slice up the podcasts and provide you only applicable portions in order to make the most efficient use of your time, accounts 9to5Google. While the report believes that manual curation and human effort can make such a feat possible, the involvement of this experimental Area 120 tag team indicates that futuristic AI capacities would be utilized to attain it.

The screenshots have been procured from an unnamed former Google designer, and show a minimum home display that shows a greeting like the one seen on Google Assistant. The mention of editor’s picks in the last option could indicate that the other two topics are in reality curated by AI technology working behind the scenes.

But, considering it’s a part of Area 120, Google Shortwave isn’t yet ready for the mainstream. The branch makes products using an idea to make them feasible and attract them into the public in due time.

Last month, Google had confirmed to The Verge which Shortwave is really part of this Area 120 incubator. The tech giant asserted that this new program would help users find and absorb spoken-word content in newer ways. The 9to5Google report indicates that there is a possibility Shortwave could only be implemented as a feature on Google Podcasts in the future.


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