Going after and Taking Prized Game


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Wild hogs are some of the most destructive creatures that roam the U.S. They tear up millions of acres of property each year. They also pose a serious safety risk to cats, dogs, and even humans.

States where wild hogs roam free often allow year-round hunting of these creatures. In some instances, you may not even need a license to be able to hunt and take a wild hog. When you want to fill your freezer with one or several wild hogs, you may wonder where you can find this prized game. By reserving your space on a hunting reserve, gaming property, or best guided hunting trips, you may be certain of taking a wild hog that you can process and take home with you.

Memorable Hunting Experience

Hunting hogs can be an entirely different experience than hunting water fowl, deer, and other game. Hogs tend to be very aggressive and not afraid of fighting back. They also are clever enough to evade even the most skilled of hunters.

When you book a hog hunting trip, you will be shown the finer points of how to successfully hunt this type of game. The guide will take you to known areas where wild hogs gather. With the guide’s help, you could target and take a prize hog that will provide you with ample amounts of meat for months.

The experience also involves learning how to stalk and corner these creatures as well as what type of weapon to use. Depending on the state in which you are hunting, you may be able to use a firearm or a bow and arrow. The type of firearm you use will determine how quickly you can take the animal.

Your final lessons may involve learning how to field dress any hog that you have taken. You must field dress it before processing it to ensure the quality and safety of the meat. You do not want the bladder to rupture and taint the rest of the meat inside of the animal. Your guide will help you with field dressing your hog.


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