Colorful Festivals of Kerala


Image result for Colorful Festivals of KeralaKerela is a colorful land of fairs and festivals which are celebrated throughout the state with utmost enthusiasm and gaiety. These festivals are like the precious gems which enhances the beauty of the Kerala crown and tradition. Round the year, these vibrant festivals keeps the life of Keralites people joyful.
Every season in Kerala has one or more festivals to celebrates. During these festivals, natives of the state clean and decorate their houses and completely immerse themselves in the pool of merrymaking.
Some of the vibrant festivals of Kerala are as follows:
Onam Festival: Onam is the greatest festival of Kerala which is celebrated in honor of return of King Mahabali’s spirit, an asura king to his own kingdom. It is a ten day long festival which falls in the month of ‘Chingam’ (Augsut-September) according to Malayalam calender. ‘The main festival of Onam starts with colorful reception on ‘Atham’. ‘Thiruvonam’ is the most important day which is considered as the day on which King Mahabali’s spirit returns to his homeland which was taken from him by Lord Vishnu. People wears new dresses, visits temples, offers prayers and decorates the front of their houses with flower carpet to welcome the king. On the occasion of ‘Thiruvonam’, a grand feast ‘Onasadhya’ is organized in every home. Snake boat races are the prime attraction of Onam festival.
Vishu Festival: Vishu, the New Year day is celebrated on the first day of first month of Malayalam calender known as ‘Medam'(April). The main event of Vishu festival is ‘Kani-Kanal’ which literally means first sight. With the onset of a new day, Keralites begin their first day of year by waking up in front of Kani, which is a big pot stuffed with gold ornament, white cloth, a measure of rice or paddy, bell metal mirror, flowers of the Konna tree (Cussia fistula), halved jack fruits, halved coconuts, yellow cucumber and two standing oil lamps emitting sparkling light their eyes. Another attraction of this festival is Kaayi neetal where elder people of the family gift money to the youngsters and bless them.
Thrissur Pooram: As the name reflects, Thrissur Pooram is celebrated at the temple town of Thrissur in Kerala. This Pooram festival is the greatest of all Pooram festivals. Every year in the month of Medam (mid April – mid March) as per the month of Malayalam calender, Thrissur Pooram is celebrated. The premise of famous Vadakkunnathan temple situated at the centre and the Thekkinkadu maidan surrounding the temple, is the venue for the annual Thrissur Pooram festival. Major highlights of this Pooram festival are the fabulous fireworks shows, parasol displays, drums concert, competitions of the colorful umbrellas, and the procession of 30 decorated elephants along with the percussion ensemble from various temples of the Kerala, which finishes at the Vadakkunnathan temple.
To witness other colorful festivals of Kerala, immediately plan a Kerala travel trip.

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