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Image result for CaterersAt any function or event the food served takes the top priority. What goes through the stomach comes out through the mind. The cuisine you arrange for serving to the invitees can make or break a party or a wedding ceremony. Food is important and you must make sure that your caterer offers good food service. He should serve lip smacking delicacies promptly and in style.
Many caterers offer a food sampling service. Before hiring a caterer, make a visit to his catering hall and taste the recipes. You do not have to indulge, but testing one or two of the caterers recipes will give you an idea about the food served. Do a lot of finding out, about the catering companies and their services. Discuss with friends and relatives; seek references from those who have hired the caterer earlier. Discuss food with the planners employed at the catering service. All this will give you a good idea about the food served. If it is according to your satisfaction then finalize the list.
Whence you finalize the list of food items keep the budget in consideration. Certain dishes and food items may be very costly. Likewise food items that are not expensive may not be very appealing. Hence choose what best suits your budget. Do not choose a food item whence its availability is in doubt. You should avoid the hassle of last minute changes. You must have an open discussion with the caterer and his planners regarding this issue. This will help you to accurately finalize the menu. If the venue is outside then make sure of the kitchen. Is it nearby and well maintained,
Variation in food is necessary since many of your guests may have dietary regimen. Is your caterer capable of providing different versions of food items be it kosher food or vegetarian, But overall do not increase the list beyond a manageable limit. Choose the style of serving, will it be buffet, sit down dinner or silver service, Choose the style as per your budget. For sit down dinner make sure of the right table accessories. How the food is to be served, Is it garnished in a way that suites your theme or style,
Find all about the ingredient that the caterer uses. Is it frozen food or fresh supply, Is it organic, If it is the guests will be impressed. Avoid food items which go stale in short period or have limited self life. Be sure to order the right quantities, here the planner’s decision should be accurate. Over ordering may tax your budget and leave a lot of waste food. Make sure shot decisions and come out with right choice to have a memorable event.


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