Cardiac Rehabilitation – Day Two and Beyond


Image result for Cardiac RehabilitationWalking through the door of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit did not seem so strange today. I was a member, I belonged. I was anxious, yet shy about getting started.
Honestly, what exercise could I do? I can’t even bend over to tie my own shoes. I can walk yes, but barely can make a block without being out of breath. And now I was here to exercise for an extended period. Who was I kidding, I couldn’t do it. What would happen? I might be the first one to get kicked out before I even got started.
I went directly to one of the most hated things that man had ever invented, the scale. Each day that was the first thing that I was to do–weigh in. My weight was noted and I was given the heart monitor to put on and then I sat down until my blood pressure, pulse and oxygen level were measured. All went smoothly and the staff was really happy to see me. I didn’t feel out-of-place, I felt welcomed.
I was not the only patient of course, I am glad that I wasn’t. I noticed that the other patients were a lot like me, some were out of shape as I was. All of us seemed a little bit self-conscious.
After all the vitals were duly noted we went to whichever machine was best for our personal need. I went to my assigned machine and sat down. I followed the instructions and started exercising. Hey, this wasn’t so bad. The level and time I worked were reasonable, even a little less than I could do. This isn’t bad. About mid-way through my first circuit my blood pressure and oxygen level were taken, my heart rhythm was being monitored all the time.
After a set time had passed I took a break and sat down and waited for the others to complete their circuits. No comparisons of abilities or limitations. We were each accepted as we were. I was feeling better and better about this all the time.
After everyone finished exercising and had vitals taken we did a group stretching routine. Then we had our vitals checked again and removed our monitors. Before the session ended we all gathered in an office and had some education. This first one was about stress.
This is the same basic pattern that each session takes, some days we do weights, and other activities. I leave each session feeling good about myself. I know that I am making progress that is right for me, and I know that I am in a safe environment and the staff is there for me.
As of this writing I have completed 8 sessions and am looking forward to walking through the door of this unit another 31 times before I am done. Cardiac Rehab is an ongoing process.

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