Article Marketing Is One Of The Best Ways To Generate Traffic


Image result for Article MarketingA form of viral marketing, many webmasters use this to drive quality traffic to their sites and build on their page ranking at the same time. More and more webmasters are turning to it every day.

Yet others who have tried this have approached it from the stand point of using it as a sales letter and have failed miserably. These marketers have failed to understand that to use this method; they need to learn the language of article marketing.

When articles are written, the authors need to keep their readers in mind. There has been a suggestion made those readers only skim article for the information they need or want. What this means is that article need to be written in such a way as that they appear to be broken up into subtitles and bullets. This makes the information easier to find.

The suggestion further goes on to say that readers who prefer this also enjoy sites in the similar “broken up”, but easier to read formats. This encourages repeat visits.

When writing in this way, it is important that the writer does not try to sell the readers something (I.E. the article cannot be a sales letter). It is also important to keep the article’s readers at ease. The writer uses a good title, interest catching subtitles and bullets to capture and hold the reader’s interest. Furthermore, the information presented must be of high quality and of value to the readers.

The information can cover a specific issue, a concern, a how-to, tips, etc. in the particular niche being written about. It can also be entertaining. As long as it is not a blatant sales letter. In this particular arena, sales letters are ignored.

When addressing this issue of the language of an article, the best approach is what I refer to as the “coffee table” approach. What is meant, is to approach a specific subject or issue, introduce it, explain your points regarding it (be it how-to, tips, etc.), include a situation that happened to you (if you have one), and conclude it (hit the highlights of your article and include a call to action, don’t ramble).

Using this approach, you have conveyed to your readers ideas and useful information without selling them a thing.

Organization In Your Articles

Another key to successful article writing is keeping your information organized and easy to follow. Simply jumping from topic to topic is a bad idea in that the readers could get lost. They may simply lose track of what the writer is trying to tell them and stop reading the article altogether.

The organization should be simple and to the point. Title, introduction, body, and conclusion. This should be further organized so that the information is easily read and understood.

To avoid confusing or losing his readers, the writer must transition to the next topic by introducing it at the end of the current subject being written about. In this manner, the reader can still follow the flow of information without getting confused about what is being discussed.

Writing articles to promote a website is not hard. It takes understanding that the articles are not sales letters, but are sources of information to the readers. This information is presented in an easily followed, organized, and useful format. These are the keys to writing profitable articles.

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