Article Marketing Boosts Response Rate By 200%


Image result for Article Marketing BoostsIt’s really fun to watch as your rankings go up, and more traffic is sent to your sites.Article marketing is fantastic for the beginning marketer or the seasoned veteran.

Article marketing can certainly increase your web traffic in a very short time. It doesn’t really matter what you are selling or what your message is. These concepts are based on David Wood training. We certainly can’t cover the entire training in this article, so see below for more information.

Creating a system around your article marketing will produce some great results.

I have included some specific concepts and ideas that you can immediately implement into your marketing efforts. Article marketing does take some time.Virtually daily you will need to be adding additional concent.

Lets consider for a moment the ultimate goal of our article marketing strategy.

Our main focus when article marketing is to get people that have “already” expressed an interest in our product to our website.

The first idea is to be relevent. If you want to write about something, make sure that your content is relevent. Makes sense… This article that you are reading is about article marketing. I wouldn’t write about cooking, or an African safari would I, So obviously the article is about article marketing. Search engines LOVE relevent content Staying “on topic” is important and a main concern when writing articles.

Popularity is our second key. Did you know that you could create your own popularity on the internet, Popularity comes from having ALOT of relevent content out there. Lets say you got on Google and you were looking for a tripod for your camera. You would put in “Tripod” in your google search. Millions of pages of information would come up. You’d probably be a little overwhelmed. Most of those results would be about specific products.However, if some of the pages were about “how to pick a camera”, or “camera review” that would be helpful as you make your choice. More likely you would clikc on one of those sites, because they are offering you what you need. Now you are relying on the article or the person that wrote the article (or video) to provide you with information. This is popularity on the internet.

If you show up everywhere on the internet, this can feed on itself, and make you “famous.” In your same search for “tripod” lets say that you looked at a couple of different websites. You probably saw a couple of “review sites”. When you see the same name over and over again on these sites, that would be popularity.

That would work very well for you too..

Showing up on multiple sites when someone researches a key word, is popularity This will create a “buzz” and will certainly give you credibility as an expert.

You can do that with article marketing. Creating popularity is basically submitting a “TON” of relevent content, and then watch as people and the search engines find your content, and link back to you.

The third key is UNIQUENESS. no doubt you have to be different from everyone else.. This is not where you want to get lazy and copy and paste.I don’t know how, but the search engines can detect if you are submitting the same article or the same content all the outlets.

Being different will certainly help your rankings There are software programs that can help you “spin” your articles so they each time they get submitted, they are a little bit different.

For additional information on David Wood and this system, including the software and specific training, take a look at the links below.

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